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How Nicelli Spa was acquired

The decision made in February 1954 by the Commission, claimed that the airport to serve the Venice and surrounding areas would be Tessera, marked the beginning of the crisis for Nicelli. For half of a century it contributed to the Venetian decline.

Already in the 1950’s the airlines were waiting for a definite solution regarding the needs of the taking off and landing of large aircrafts. The crisis worsened when Tessera was transferred to the “Officine Aeronavali di Venezia” (OAN) in 1967, where it was guaranteed a landing port for the people of Lido and the intense amount of large aircraft traffic. It finally came to a head in 1974 and the Military Presidio was abandoned. From this moment on, the commercial air traffic, the whole airport situation, the OAN hangers and other smaller incidences, brought on a long phase of decline, alleviated only by a sports club known as 'Aeroclub G. Ancillotto. Among the many illustrious presidents we mention Mario Mozzetti Monterumici together with attorney Domenico Giuriati, Giancquinto and, in previous times, Giancarlo Ligabue, promoter of important aeronautic initiatives. Even today there is still the memory of the organization of Euromeeting 81, a two day happening full of Italians and foreign attendees, bursted with exhibitions and acrobatic air shows that thousands of spectators were attracted to San Nicolò to witness.

In the most difficult moments, the situation at Nicelli did not fail to make its voice heard on the press or the politicians tables to reestablish its position. It is necessary to add that during the 90’s there were definitely signs of gaining influence, once again. At this time the purchase and restoration of hangars (once part of the OAN) was taken under way by the business man and passionate pilot Luciano Sorlini. Even conscious of the difficulties and the long waiting times, citizens and powerful people did not lose there attachment to this special place and the memory of the personages that made Lido important. At the crowded commemoration of Umberto Klinger in 1991, a petition was soon to fallow with over two thousand signatures to address to the founders of the Aeronavale of the “Lungomare” which flankes the airport.

In 1994 attorney Ugo Bergamo, mayor of Venice, wrote an article about "The Italian, and Veneto economical moment in particular, is not the best and the time is not ideal to go ahead with the Master Plane for the airport. We hope that Sorlini SpA will maintain the entrepreneurial spirit that it has demonstrated up until now and will begin this project as soon as possible to rebuild and renew this airport. However, aside form the invested capital, the unfortunate circumstances will not allow Sorlini to finish the big project and the syndicate will not allow to proceed in the Master Plane.

The Military Areonautic decided to turn over the airport to the “Ente National Per L’aviazione Cilivle” (The National Corp for Civil Aviation)(ENAC) in September of the year 2000 with the understanding that it would be functioning and available if needed by the Arma Azzura. From the Syndacates, the Nicelli SpA company took over, to which ENAC in September trusted it to a type of Industrial Technician, and this stopped the situation. In 2001, in order to go ahead with the project, the shareholders (City Hall. The chamber of Commerce, SADE referred share holder, Areoclub G Ancillotto) were awaiting important public bureau. To support the share holders the document for the “Qualification of the infrastructure and transportation and its territory”, was signed by the Veneto Region, Water Commission, ENAC, ENTE National Flight Assistance, ENAV, Ulss 12 of Venice (Public Health Administration). In this way they became a bureaucratic Force, both financial and technical those will bring this project forward not without difficulties. In the building plans, there was an idea for rebuilding the airport, rebuilding the control tower, increase maneuvering areas, and a landing strip. These needs were strongly expressed in the 1950’ and periodically re expressed.

On May 12th, the inauguration of the new airport marked the completion of the first important phase of the commitment to the city that Nicelli considers a valuable gift. It was all born and created by the first flight. The airport was consciously reproduced from the original decoration and surroundings. The reasons for the new location were due to several factors: the transfer of the airport from Military hands to civil possession, the financial intervention of the Veneto Region, from ENAC, from ENAV, and from ULSS. Furthermore it is very important to recognize the importance of looking at something with new eyes, and to give the airport an important role that is compatible to the citizens, that matches passions and interests. We find again an important sign in the General Aviation Convention (understood in a general sense and light planes) organized by the chamber of commerce with active participation of Nicelli SpA, that will be held the day before the inauguration of the airport.

The arguments at hand are divided in national theme, international theme, prospective of the asking and the offering and the prospective development of the codes. If on one side they decide to side with Italy and Europe and the others find faults regarding Nicelli, not a secondary choice, together with the less important airports, the meeting at hand.

We hope that the tiring rebuilding of the airport continues, maybe with a slower pace, fallowing solutions that will bring it into modern daylight, loved and productive as it once was by those who built it and developed it. On inauguration day they intend to honor it. (by Bruno Delisi)

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